Gay Grindr Fans Elect WeHo’s John Duran

John Duran
John Duran

Local members of Grindr, the online app where gay men meet for sex (save for those in “long term relationships” who claim they’re just trolling to meet new friends for coffee — at 3 a.m.) have elected John Duran as “local hero / community advocate” of the year. Duran, the West Hollywood council member who is running for re-election this coming March, joins a list of other LA bests chosen by Grindr guys. They include the Abbey as “Best Sunday Funday” “and “Favorite Gay Bar/Club,” Anthony Saldana as “Favorite Bartender” and Raven as “Fiercest Drag Queen / Nightlife Personality.” (We haven’t been able to confirm the rumor that there’s a campaign to elect Raven as a write-in candidate in the upcoming election.)

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