Get to Know West Hollywood’s 7 Neighborhoods


In little West Hollywood (only 1.9 square miles), Santa Monica Boulevard and its famous Boystown, Sunset Boulevard and its famous Strip and the Avenues (Beverly, Robertson and Melrose) and their posh clothing stores seem to get all the attention. But increasingly, especially around election season, it’s the residential neighborhoods that get press. It is the residents of the city’s various neighborhoods who fight proposed development, advocate for historic preservation and turn out to vote in municipal elections.

WEHOville decided to profile those neighborhoods, most of which are loosely bordered. The boundaries for each area were defined by the neighborhood/residents associations or the neighborhood watch groups.

We hope these stories inspire you to explore — being as neighborly as possible of course.


Norma Triangle

Doheny Plaza

Legend has it that silent movie star Norma Talmadge had a film studio in what is now the best known and most historic of WeHo’s neighborhoods. The homes were said to have originally been dressing rooms for the stars, after whom she named the streets.

Explore Norma Triangle here


West Hollywood West

Westmount and Rosewood


Hidden away on the side streets north of Beverly Boulevard, south of Melrose Avenue between Doheny and La Cienega, meet the Mayberry of West Hollywood.

Explore West Hollywood West here




Close to West Hollywood Park and the library, residents say the best part of living in Tri-West is the proximity to shops and restaurants. “Tri-West is in the center of all of West Hollywood’s main events such as the Halloween Carnaval, Gay Pride Parade and AIDS Walk,” said resident Larry Block.

Explore Tri-West here


West Hollywood North

West Hollywood North

West Hollywood North is “a microcosm of the entire city,” said its neighborhood association vice president Lynn Hoopingarner. “… Where else would you see a Russian lady wearing a babushka walking beside a flaming queen?”

Explore West Hollywood North here


West Hollywood Heights

Shoreham Towers

It’s the place to live for the best view in the city. WeHo’s smallest neighborhood sits north of the Sunset Strip, and formed in 2007 to fight off the Centrum Sunset project.

Explore West Hollywood Heights here


Center City

Tara Laurel Park

Home to one-fifth of WeHo’s population, Center City boasts some of the largest, most historic apartment buildings in the city, and some of its most beautiful architecture.

Explore Center City here



Plummer Park

With a large Russian population, the Eastside has a different feel that other parts of the city. Life moves at a slower pace, and family plays a much more significant role.

 Explore Eastside here

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Chloe Ross
11 years ago

I love this James but it needs a few tweaks. There are micro ‘hoods – especially on the BLES – from Fairfax to La Brea. Once I copy the map I will show you my own take. But I love yours.

Barbara Meltzer
11 years ago

This is wonderful, James! I can’t wait to explore “the other six.”

11 years ago

This is terrific, James!

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