PHOTOS: Runners Strip For Charity at Cupid’s Undie Run


West Hollywood Park was full of (nearly) naked runners Saturday, and despite the spectacle happening within earshot of the sheriff’s department, all was legal; in fact, it was encouraged.

Done in the name of charity, participants stripped down for “Cupid’s Undie Run.” The event was even co-sponsored by the city, and benefitted the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Runners set off on a grueling (not really) 1-miler before an awards ceremony at The Abbey, where the highest fundraisers were recognized.

The top 5 fundraising teams were LC’s Cupid Shufflers ($5,745), LiveThong ($5,678), Pantless Wonders ($3,875.77), CrossFit Horsepower ($2,750) and SoCal Dawgs ($2,581).

The top 5 individuals fundraisers were Eric Harrison ($2,000), Chad (L.C.) Moore ($1,800), Stacey Ackman ($1,650.77), Gerrad Hall ($1,460) and Kathleen Hatcher ($1,160).

See below for scenes from the event:

Cupid's Undie Run - 01 Cupid's Undie Run - 02 Cupid's Undie Run - 04 Cupid's Undie Run - 05 Cupid's Undie Run - 06 Cupid's Undie Run - 08 Cupid's Undie Run - 07


Cupid's Undie Run - 09

Cupid's Undie Run - 11 Cupid's Undie Run - 13 Cupid's Undie Run - 12 Cupid's Undie Run - 16 Cupid's Undie Run - 18 Cupid's Undie Run - 17 Cupid's Undie Run - 19

Cupid's Undie Run - 26
Kim, whose 12-year-old son Blake suffers from multiple sclerosis, poses with actor/comic Christopher Titus.
Cupid's Undie Run - 27
WeHo Councilmember John D’Amico (right) participates in the fun on-stage at The Abbey.
Cupid's Undie Run - 28
Kim receives a $25,000 check from event sponsor Gimbal’s Fine Candies.

Cupid's Undie Run - 20 Cupid's Undie Run - 23 Cupid's Undie Run - 22 Cupid's Undie Run - 24 Cupid's Undie Run - 25

Cupid's Undie Run - 30
The No. 1 fundraising team, LC’s Cupid Shufflers, poses with their trophy.
Cupid's Undie Run - 32
Stacey Ackman, who raised $1,650.77 for charity, poses on-stage with actor/comic Christopher Titus.
Cupid's Undie Run - 33
Chad Moore, middle, who raised $1,800 for charity, poses on-stage.
Cupid's Undie Run - 34
The “Female Best Dressed” winners receive their award on stage with actor/comic Christopher Titus.
Cupid's Undie Run - 35
The “Male Best Dressed” winners pose on stage.
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11 years ago

We love you D’Amico! Brush your shoulders off of these sort of petty haters. This event looked like a lot of fun and the proceeds went to a great cause.

Councilmember John D'Amico
Councilmember John D'Amico
11 years ago

Yes, it was fun. We helped raise a lot of money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation – over a $1 million nationwide. Come join us next year. And if you’d like to talk about my accomplishments or any other matter please give me a call on my cell. 310.498.5783.

11 years ago

Wow, if there are naked boys and drinking around, Councilmember D’Amico is sure to show -up. Just add it to his list of non-accomplishments in the 2 years he’s been in office.

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