WeHo Dodgeball Goes Red: Week 7 Scores and Photos

Dodgeball Week 7
Full-court Amazebals.

It was all about equality Tuesday night at the West Hollywood Recreation Center as the teams wore red (or fashionably accentuated their get-ups with the color) to show their support for gay marriage.

No. 1 D4D faced No. 3 Amazeballs in the night’s biggest match. Amazeballs (4-3) has been on a comeback after losing some of its first few matches, but “Team USA” (as they’re also called) couldn’t pull out a win over league-dominating D4D, who shut them down 5-0. D4D moved to 7-0.  The next closest team in the league standings is Heathers at 5-1-1.

It was still no easy victory. D4D member Craig “Tiger” Smith said the Amazeballs women are especially tough to face.

“I like it,” he said. “I like the emotion.”

Meanwhile, No. 4 Boobie Warriors (3-0-4) found themselves in an even tougher match with Not In The Face. The teams tied 4-4. NITF (1-5-1) member Dan Zimmerman was happy with his team’s performance.

“We didn’t lose, so that’s good!” he joked.

All final scores below:

Ballz Deep 6, It Gets Butter 2

Heathers 8, Power Bottoms 1

Boobie Warriors 4, Not In The Face 4

D4D 5, Amazeballs 0

Misfits 4, Better Late Than Pregnant 3

Tuesday Night Lights 8, Rise of the Unicorns 3

Amazeballs post-game pep talk.
Dodgeball Week 7
Misfits member Steven Tylor O’Connor is on the ball.
Dodgeball Week 7
The Misfits have their hands full with this match.
Dodgeball Week 7
James Corp of D4D eyes his next target.
Dodgeball Week 7
Amazeballs get feisty.
Dodgeball Week 7
D4D in a team huddle.
Dodgeball Week 7
Airborne Amazeballs!
Dodgeball Week 7
Leap of faith.
Dodgeball Week 7
JJ Wienkers gets ready for a toss.
Dodgeball Week 7
Rise of the Unicorns press the court.
Dodgeball Week 7
Tuesday Night Lights on the defense.
Dodgeball Week 7
Will Hackner (center) proves he’s the most fashionable TNL player!
Dodgeball Week 7
Kevin Pakdivichit (left) and Jeb Whitlock (right) check a call with the refs.
Dodgeball Week 7
Unicorn bunny shuffle!
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11 years ago

D4D went to 7-0***

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