Dodgeball Week 9: Season Finale Photos and Scores

Dodgeball Week 9
Heathers team rally.

The Tuesday night teams had one last chance to pull out a win before the playoffs next week, which will determine who goes into the finals and ultimately wins the coveted Golden Cock Trophy.

Dodgeball For Dummies (D4D) has dominated the league with an undefeated run, leaving Heathers and Tuesday Night Lights battling it out for the No. 2 spot.

Heathers started off strong, jumping out to a 2-0 lead, but TNL tied it up before halftime. In the second half, Heathers recovered to take a 6-2 win and the second position in the playoffs.

The playoffs start next week, and all teams will participate.

The final regular season standings are:

1. D4D 9-0-0

2. Heathers 7-1-1

3. Tuesday Night Lights 6-3-0

4. Ballz Deep 6-2-1

5. Amazeballs 6-3-0

6. Boobie Warriors 4-1-4

7. Rise of the Unicorns 3-6-0

8. Better Late Than Pregnant 3-6-0

9. It Gets Butter 1-5-3

10. Misfits 1-6-2

11. Not in the Face 1-7-1

12. Power Bottoms 0-7-2

All scores for week 9 are below:

Ballz Deep 8, Not In The Face 2

Misfits 3, It Gets Butter 3

D4D 8, Better Late Than Pregnant 1

Boobie Warriors 6, Rise of the Unicorns 4

Heathers 6, Tuesday Night Lights 2

Amazeballs 5, Power Bottoms 2

See below for freelance photographer Jon Viscott’s photos:

Dodgeball Week 9
Power toss.
Dodgeball Week 9
We have liftoff!
Dodgeball Week 9
Jeff Skibiski gets some air.
Dodgeball Week 9
Bobbie Warriors are intense.
Viktor Pelayo (left) and the Unicorns on defense.
Viktor Pelayo (left) and the Unicorns on defense.
Dodgeball Week 9
Boobie Warriors attack!
Dodgeball Week 9
Jack Mason, flying warrior.
Dodgeball Week 9
Diana Suarez holds court.
Dodgeball Week 9
Dang iiiiit!!!
Dodgeball Week 9
Heathers in flight.
Dodgeball Week 9
Will Hackner (left) winds up.
Dodgeball Week 9
TNL team captain Jeb Whitlock calls out to his team.
Dodgeball Week 9
The Heathers getting it done.
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