WeHo Lesbian Bastion The Palms Bar to Close

The Palms has been known as a favorite among the lesbian decade for four decades. (Photo by Christine Detz)
The Palms has been known as a favorite among WeHo lesbians for more than four decades. (Photo by Christine Detz)

The Palms Bar, long celebrated as a gathering place for West Hollywood’s lesbian community, will close in the coming months, according to its managers.

The bar, at 8572 Santa Monica Blvd. west of La Cienega, has been in business nearly 50 years. In a Facebook posting, its managers said The Palms is closing “for no other reason than the new property owners have decided to redevelop the property.”

The Palms is one of the only meeting places for WeHo lesbians, who are said to make up  about 4 percent of the city population, although various gay bars have lesbian nights. Celebrities who have patronized it include Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa Etheridge and Jim Morrison. In recent years the bar has attracted a more mixed crowd.

“We thank all those who have remained with us throughout the years,” bar managers wrote in the Facebook post, which was published Saturday (April 20). “We are grateful to those who have become our friends, our family, lovers, confidants and even our ex’s. We think of the happiness through 46 plus years that the Palms has brought to people, the laughter and love.”

“Even though we are saddened by this closure, we bear in mind that buildings are made from stone and wood and the true happiness and joy come from the lives of the people inside,” the status update read.

The Palms, which is looking for a new location, is planning to have an official closing party.

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10 years ago

So sad…. Said no one ever. Time for a change.

Matt Baume
10 years ago

Oh no, something that some people like is changing, it must be the end of the world

10 years ago

Nothing is sacred anymore, it seems.

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