Dmitri Dmitrov, WeHo’s Most Famous Maitre ‘d, Gets a Film Debut


Sunset Tower Hotel, Tower Bar
Dimitri Dmitrov
Dmitri Dmitrov, who reigns quietly over WeHo’s celebrity kingdom as maitre ‘d at the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel, is headed for the big screen.

E! News reports that the courtly Macedonian has been recruited by Jennifer Aniston, a fan, to appear as — what else? — a maitre ‘d in “Squirrel to the Nuts,” a comedy in the making.

According to E! Dmitrov was flown to New York City for three days to shoot for the role.

Dmitrov is likely one of the only restaurant maitre ‘d’s to have been profiled in The New York Times, whose 2011 story was headlined “A Hollywood Anachronism, Serving Stars But Never Gossip.”

Dmitrov exhibited the firm command of celebrity that has made him famous in June, when he turned away a Saudi prince with 10 bodyguards who demanded a particular group of tables. Dmitrov explained to the prince that he “wasn’t the only royalty in the room,” an obvious reference to the Hollywood royals already seated at Tower Bar.

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