PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Stuns Micky’s Crowd With Late-Night Appearance; Shoots New Music Video


lady gaga

To the shock and delight of many who attended the popular weekly drag queen revue Showgirls at Micky’s on Monday night, and the many others who frantically responded to late-night social media rumors, Lady Gaga made a surprise visit to the West Hollywood gay bar, where she shot video for her latest single “Applause” and partied with a throng of fans.

The pop star continued her recent string of memorable moments in WeHo, which have included a Saturday night appearance at the Abbey, where she wore a black bra with black shorts, and her entrance into Chateau Marmont, where she sported nothing but a bra and thong, covered with a body suit that left little to the imagination.

Below, see photos from WEHOville’s Jon Viscott and videos of Lady Gaga partying and performing inside the club.

lady gaga lady gaga lady gaga



Hear Lady Gaga’s latest single “Applause” below:


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Shawn Thompson
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