Sheriff’s Department Arrests 7 at WeHo DUI Checkpoint



A sheriff’s DUI and driver’s license checkpoint in West Hollywood resulted in seven arrests, authorities said today.

Of the 6,854 vehicles that went through the checkpoint at Santa Monica Boulevard at Robertson Boulevard on Friday, 2,953 drivers were checked, according to Detective Daniel Dail of the sheriff’s Traffic Services Detail.

Of them, four people were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, two people for suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana and one person for illegal possession of narcotics.

Six vehicles were stored for one day, Dail said.

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10 years ago

@jaxsat 7 people driving under the influence is 7 people TOO MANY. Checkpoints are not cops “have nothing to do”. Ask anyone who has lost a family member to a drunk driver’s deadly driving. 13,000 people per year are killed by drunk drivers…one every 39 minutes. Let’s ask them if it is a waste of time. If we can stop seven murderers out of 6,854 isn’t it worth it?

Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson
10 years ago

might be wrong but this is the second time the sheriff has set up shop in front of all the gay bars. I wonder if it’s time for them to move up to sunset in front of sky bar or the seventh veil?

10 years ago

LA County must really be broke to continue to harass taxpayers with checkpoints….Really? 7 people out of 6,854? A colossal waste of taxpayer money. If cops have nothing to do, lay them off and save us all some money.

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