WeHo’s Keho Promoted to Newly Created Community Development Position

John Keho
John Keho.

West Hollywood Planning Manager John Keho has been promoted to become the city’s assistant community development director, effective this week.

The city recently created the position in response to a large number of big projects it feels need more attention, such as the review of Sunset Boulevard billboards.

Keho will work on large projects in the planning division, and ensure they move smoothly between city departments.

“It feels great knowing that I can have new opportunities to work in West Hollywood and make it a better place,” said Keho, who served as the city’s planning manager since 2005. “I love working here.”

“John has an outstanding skill set combined with great experience from his years in the city,” said Stephanie DeWolfe, the community development director, who will oversee him. “That’s what makes him so qualified for this job.”

Keho, who came to West Hollywood from suburban Minneapolis in 1997 as an associate planner, already has experience doing his new job. From July to December 2012, he served as the acting community development director while the city searched for Anne McIntosh’s replacement.


Keho and his husband, filmmaker Carl Pfirman, have been together for 24 years. The two were married in 2008 by Councilmember John Duran.

With Keho’s promotion, senior planner David DeGrazia becomes the acting planning manager while the city recruits for a replacement. DeGrazia, who started working for the city in 2003 as an assistant planner, served as the acting planning manager in 2012 during the six months when Keho was serving as acting community development director.

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10 years ago

Doesn’t seem like the City didn’t plan very well when it came to all the large projects going on at the same time in the east side of the City, while the west side escapes all these mammoth mixed use projects. Why all on the east side?

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