PHOTOS: Varsity Gay League Fall Tennis Week 4 Results

Tennis Week 4 and Bowling Week 4 075
Teamwork is crucial in tennis. You never know what is happening behind you.

The Varsity Gay League fall tennis league held its fourth week of competition Monday at Poinsettia Park Rec Center.

Below, check out results and pics.


Bromance def. Princess ‘N Bitch (8-2)
Don Juan def. The Williams Sisters (8-4)
Ball Whackers def. Shablam (8-2)


The Honey Badgers def. Old Racquetz (8-6)
The Williams Sistaz def. Ginge & Jew (8-4)
Champions 2 def. The Big Kapowski (8-5)
The Slice Girlz def. Stop That Racquet (8-1)

Sets And The City vs. The Hellen Kellers, TBD


Backhanded Compliments def. Ball Boys (9-8, 7-3 in tiebreaker)
Dream Balls def. Team Platinum (8-0)
Deuces Wild def. A Deadly Racquet (8-3)

Serves You Right vs. Challenger 1, TBD

Tennis Week 4 and Bowling Week 4 070
Varsity Gay League players play under the night lights of Los Angeles to dramatic effect.
Tennis Week 4 and Bowling Week 4 056
Michael Thomas uses all his muscles to slam the ball over the net.
Tennis Week 4 and Bowling Week 4 042
Robert is always on his toes when using his overhand.
Tennis Week 4 and Bowling Week 4 015
Brian Kuperman shows us how a champion serves.
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