Church Key Opens With Carts and Canned Cocktails


church keyAt WeHo’s newest restaurant, you don’t have to sip from cocktail glasses. Instead, you can slurp from “cocktail popsicles.”

At The Church Key, which opened at 8730 Sunset Blvd. near Holloway on Thursday, the imbibing options are deliciously offbeat, and so are some of the “American dim sum” food options.

Cocktail conventionalist James Bond be damned, the cocktails here can be experienced as popsicles (think Otter Pops) or in cans (yes, you open them with an actual church key) or in mason jars (they let you shake them yourself).

Dim-sum carts piloted by waiters in Pan-Am uniforms whiz by, some carrying the “funked up” drinks, and others carrying food (pig ear Cheetos, anyone?)

The Church Key, next to Eveleigh, is brought to WeHo’ans by chef Steve Fretz (XIV, Top Round) and mixologist Devon Espinosa (Pour Vous).

If the Delta Airlines carts turn you off, Fretz does provide a regular menu, with cocktails. But the dim-sum carts are where you’ll find the more unique presentations, including liquid nitrogen cocktail popsicles, canned Negronis and pre-constructed cocktails in the jars.


Despite the loud drink options, the decor is tasteful and muted with industrial elements mixed with a country farmhouse feel, including sofas and club chairs.

Hours run daily from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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