We Love WeHo: Our Valentine to West Hollywood


I Heart WeHo logo.It’s the season of love, and we at WEHOville.com are ready to declare our everlasting devotion to our one true love: West Hollywood. WeHo, why do we love thee? Let us count the ways …

1) You’re out and proud. Notwithstanding the (temporary) disappearance of City Hall’s rainbow flag (and the subsequent kerfuffle), WeHo has a proud tradition of embracing LGBT people and supporting equal rights. In fact, that’s part of the reason the city was incorporated.

2) You know how to party. WeHo’s thriving nightlife attracts LGBT revelers from all over the Southland.

3) You kick stereotypes to the curb. Forget stereotypes, such as the one about gay men’s disinterest in athletics—WeHo’s home to an active athletic community, with several LGBT sports leagues playing in the area (and enjoying post-game drinks at Gym bar). And West Hollywood is an accepting melange of people gay and straight, male and female, Russian and Midwestern, and more.

4) You have a sense of humor. OK, sometimes we fight stereotypes. And sometimes we have a little fun with them. Like WeHo’s party-bus-slash-entertainment-shuttle, the PickUp Line, which unabashedly embraces double entendre and the idea that weekend partiers are likely on the prowl.

5) You’re music to our ears. With the Sunset Strip’s musical offerings, WeHo’s a hotspot for music-lovers.


6) You’re the doggone best. Walkable and sunny, WeHo is the perfect place to walk a canine companion; perhaps that’s why it’s home to some 1,600+ pooches.

7) You give back. With charity walks, runs and fundraisers aplenty, WeHo supports lots of good causes.

8) There are stars in your eyes … and streets. Playground to the rich and famous, WeHo is prime territory for celebrity sightings.

9) You’re creative. With pubic art displays, an annual book fair, art galleries and stand-up comedy venues, WeHo nourishes artistic talent of various kinds.

10) You’ve got a sense of style. After all, that’s what Robertson and Beverly and Melrose boulevards are all about.

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