Liquor Quicker to Your Door in WeHo with New Alcohol-Delivery App Saucey

A new tech company has launched an alcohol-delivery app.
A new tech company has launched an alcohol-delivery app.

Ever been prepping for a dinner party, reached for the wine and found the rack empty?

Those craving libations but without the time or inclination to head to the store to stock up can now order up alcohol for delivery in WeHo or Santa Monica with the touch of an iPhone button.

Based in an office on the Sunset Strip, a new business called Saucey has launched an iOS app that allows users to order drinks, which come from local liquor stores and usually get to the customer’s door within half an hour.

“We make it unbelievably easy for people to order,” said CEO Chris Vaughn.

Saucey started out in beta testing mode, with only invited users able to access the app for about a month. Last week, Saucey was made available to the public.

The “Uber for alcohol,” Saucey follows a similar model to peer businesses such as Lyft and Uber, with local drivers who can be hired to make deliveries as needed.

The app is now limited both technologically (Apple) and geographically (WeHo & Santa Monica), but Vaughn says he hopes to launch the app on Android soon and that the delivery area is expanding quickly.

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10 years ago

… well why not, tina and gina seem to drop by peoples homes without too much fuss.
what a clliche los angeles has become.

Randy Matthews
10 years ago

I looked at pricing for alcohol, after downloading the app.

Cool idea, but serves all of WeHo, and their alcohol prices are much cheaper. And they have many other things for delivery.

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