WeHo Council Approves Three Transgender Measures


Transgender Logo 2The West Hollywood City Council unanimously adopted three proposals Monday night aimed at supporting the transgender community.

Councilmember Abbe Land said she hoped that her proposal that “single-stall” public restrooms be made “gender neutral,” or accessible to people no matter their gender identification, would be adopted by other cities on the west side of Los Angeles County. The goal of the measure, according to Kiran Hashmi, Land’s deputy, was to ensure that transgender people have access to public restrooms without harassment because they don’t identify with a specifically labeled gender.

The Council also endorsed a bill introduced in the California State Assembly by Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) that would require local registrars of births and deaths to enter an individual’s chosen gender identification on a birth certificate.

And it approved a proposal by Mayor John D’Amico to appropriate $12,500 to support “Trans.ient,” an art exhibit and panel discussion focused on the transgender community. The exhibition will be staged at two places in West Hollywood in conjunction with Transgender Awareness Month, which is in November. The Council also agreed to declare Nov. 21 as “Trans Day of Action” in WeHo.

Speakers in favor of the Council’s decision included Coco LaChine, a transgender resident of West Hollywood and Los Angeles known for her work with the International Court System, a transgender group.

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