A Steamy Week 6 of VGL Kickball

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Now really, who is wearing it better?

There was some sweaty action this weekend as the teams of VGL Kickball’s Rock N Roll League (on Saturday) and Champions League (on Sunday) fought it out in the LA heat. Here’s a list of winners and losers (but who really is a loser when you’re playing something as fun as kickball?), followed by some photos of what you missed:

Saturday: Rock N Roll League

St. Olaf Cougars beats Fresh Balls of Bel-Air 10-8
Suck My Kick beat Iggy Ballzalea 7-3
One Kick Wonders beat the Misfits 8-6
The Real Pitches of VGL beat the Lubricated Marys 5-1
Kick Tease beat Balls Are the New Black 12-7
New Kicks beat Jealous of our Boogie 20-4
Scream Queens beat Huevos Con Chorizo 14-0
Spice Balls beat Heads Will Roll! 12-5

Sunday: Champions League

Bloody Marys ties Pitches N’Hoes 4-4
We Woke Up Like This beat TBD 6-0
Bloody Marys beat Socal Social Club 10-0
Shady Bishes ties Lezonya 3-3
Backdoor Sliders beat Stiff Competition 8-1

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