EP Gets the OK: Proposed West Hollywood Restaurant by Australian DJ Grant Smillie Approved

Grant Smillie, west hollywood restaurant
Australian DJ Grant Smillie

A petition from a group of Australians who want to open a restaurant called EP at  the northwest corner of Melrose Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard got the OK from West Hollywood’s community planning director on Tuesday.

The city previosuly postponed a decision on the request in July after determining that the restaurant wasn’t able to provide sufficient parking. Botanical Hospitality Group now has negotiated with Lift West Hollywood, a gym across the street, for access to parking there late at night. As a result, Community Development Department staffers recommended that the request be approved.

Owners of EP include DJ Grant Smillie David Combes, a real estate executive from Melbourne, and Ashley Hart, the Australian model. The chef will be Louis Tikaram of Sydney’s Longrain restaurant. The menu will have an Asian influence.

EP, which will be located at  603 N. La Cienega Blvd. at Melrose, will have a rooftop dining patio called Long Play.

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Kevin Schilo
Kevin Schilo
9 years ago

This project was approved and should be supported by the community for many reasons that involves more than just having another place for people to take a meal. It has the potential to be a resource to be a global destination for dining. The chef has made his mark down under and there is nothing wrong with trying for the California dream. LAX is the international airport hub for Australians traveling to see other parts of America. Australians spend a great deal of their income on travel compared to other countries. Is there problem with hard working Australians wanting to… Read more »

9 years ago

Perhaps your questions have answers and perhaps the answers are positive. Perhaps you should hold off calling our Planning Department dumb before you know what the answers to your questions are.

9 years ago

DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG0ochx16Dg Now we will have to dodge valets running across the street without their OSHA required vests. Are we to expect the same results with all the new under parked development ? What happens when the lift lot gets developed will the restaurant close down ? I assume since the noise ordinance is 10pm they will close the patio so as not to wake the neighbors ? Was this space planned for a restaurant ? Did the builder or the city under park the project ? Is our planning dept really this dumb ? This… Read more »

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