With a Game, Impulse Group Makes Learning About Syphilis Fun


impulse groupSyphilis is an issue among gay men in California, which ranks second in the nation in the number of infections. The state Department of Public Health reported 21.6 cases per 100,000 residents in 2013 in Los Angeles County.

Grim news perhaps. But in an effort to educate gay men about the risk of that sexually transmitted disease, Impulse Group has decided to put a fun spin on it.

“Sexual Risk: A Game of Chance” will combine the talents of Cal Iseminger, game creator for the stars, and several handsome young men to stage a variety of games designed to educate participants about syphilis at Ago at 8478 Melrose Ave. near North LaCienega this coming Saturday.

Iseminger got into the live (as opposed to virtual) game business six years ago when he put together a game to celebrate the birthday of his friend, Marc Cherry, the creator of “Arrested Development.” Before long he call a call from Felicity Huffman, who asked him to put together a game for a party she was hosting with her husband, William H. Macy. Huffman raved about his game in a television interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and Iseminger’s live game career took off.

Iseminger won’t reveal details about Saturday’s games. “We’re playing a bunch of different games,” he said. “Part of it is a surprise. That’s part of the fun. But if Matthew Perry and Felicity Huffman think this is fun, you’re going to like it.”

There’s no charge to participate, and there will be free drinks and hors ‘oeuvres and a chance to win various prizes. But participants are encouraged to reserve a spot online to make sure they secure a place.


Impulse Group, founded in Los Angeles and is supported by AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Its mission is to educate young gay men about HIV. Impulse Group now has chapters in Atlanta, New York City and South Florida as well as Mexico City and New Delhi.

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