Rover Lends (Saving) SPOT a Paw: Dog Book Proceeds Benefit West Hollywood Rescue

Rover books support dog rescue organizations.
Rover books support dog rescue organizations.

When photographer Andrew Gant found out how many dogs were in need of homes, and how many are euthanized each year, he decided to produce a big book of dog photographs to help raise money for rescue organizations.

Gant’s idea for one book spawned a series. Now Gant says he’s five years into a one-year project and wrapping up his final “Rover” book.

In addition to raising funds, Rover books are meant to show how beautiful rescue dogs can be, Gant said, to fight stigma that can still sometimes come with a rescue dog.

“It just blows me away because I see such wonderful dogs at these rescues,” said Gant, who notes that not all dogs whose portraits are showcased in Rover books (in exchange for sizeable donations to rescue organizations) are rescues. “I want all dogs to be able to help the rescue dogs.”

Gant recently decided to loan West Hollywood’s Saving SPOT! a paw by donating 300 copies of “Rover: Woof Edition” to be sold online with proceeds supporting the rescue.

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