Joel Q Interviews WeHo City Council Candidates


West Hollywood City Council candidates Lindsey Horvath, James “Duke” Mason and Larry Block are interviewed by Joel Q for My WeHo World in a video produced by Jan Michael Foster. In the video, on WeHo TV Channel 36 and on YouTube, the candidates debate their views on questions submitted by residents on various topics such as development, transportation, the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station and more.

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mike dunn
9 years ago

Block seems a little to outside of reality. The two females, niether are as qualified as most of the men running. Being female is not a qualification.

Mike Dolan
Mike Dolan
9 years ago

Larry Block is a good guy and loves his city. He has brought change for the better of all West Hollywood residents’. He is open and honest and works really hard for all. He is smart and wants only the best for West Hollywood and all groups that make West Hollywood so desirable to be. Good job by everyone.

Brian Holt
Brian Holt
9 years ago

Ridiculous production values aside, Larry Block has earned a second look from me. Duke still seems not quite ready for Prime Time though I believe he has great potential. Lyndsey or Lauren. Hmmm

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