WeHo Makes a List of America’s Most Romantic Cities


Hungry for love? Well maybe you’re in the right place. OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation website, ranks West Hollywood as the 16th most romantic city in the United States.

heartOther California cities on the list are Palm Springs (No. 8), Santa Barbara (No. 1) and Long Beach (No. 23). The most romantic city in America? According to OpenTable it’s Atlantic City, perhaps for those who don’t mind taking a gamble on a relationship. Other cities that are perhaps less than obvious choices to we Californians are Birmingham, AL (No. 5), Oklahoma City (No. 15), Memphis (No. 19), Nashville (No. 22) and Charlotte, NC (No. 25).

If you’re looking for “the one” in WeHo and haven’t been able to find him or her, take a look at the OpenTable list for other options.

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luca d
luca d
9 years ago

so san francisco and new york are not romantic, but st. louis is ?
when i think of passion and tender moments, i always think of birmingham and omaha.
who comes up with these ridiculous lists?

West Hollywood
9 years ago

Don’t fall for Cy trying to play the sympathy card again! LOL

Cy Husain
9 years ago

This is really great news considering that I live here and, I’m completely left out!

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