WeHo Looks Good in Comparison of Local Crime Rates


wehoville 201604 crime rate vs la neighborhoods

The overall crime rate is lower in West Hollywood than in Los Angeles’ Fairfax, Hollywood, and Beverly Grove neighborhoods. That’s according to a new report by WeHo By the Numbers based on data from the Los Angeles Times.

West Hollywood’s crime rate was 471 crimes per 10,000 residents per year, measured during a recent six-month period. That rate was 23% lower than the Fairfax district’s, 10% lower than Hollywood’s and 7% lower than Beverly Grove’s.

The crime rate includes both violent and property crimes. In that recent period, there were 114 violent crimes in West Hollywood. That works out to a violent crime rate of 64 per 10,000 residents per year. West Hollywood’s rate was the second-lowest, 43% lower than Hollywood and 27% lower than Fairfax, but 39% higher than Beverly Grove.

The violent crime rate can itself be broken down into rates for homicide, rape, aggravated assault and robbery. Hollywood and Fairfax both had robbery rates almost twice as high as West Hollywood. Hollywood’s rate of aggravated assault was 75% higher than West Hollywood’s. Rape rates were higher in both Hollywood and West Hollywood than in Fairfax and Beverly Grove.

The pattern was very different for property crimes. West Hollywood and Hollywood were effectively tied for safest among the four areas. Their property crime rates were around 408 crimes per 10,000 residents per year. That was 22% lower than Fairfax and 12% below Beverly Grove. Specifically, the Fairfax district’s burglary rate was about 60% higher than West Hollywood’s. Thefts were almost 30% higher and thefts from vehicles were almost 20% higher.


The overall crime rate is calculated from the number of crimes and the number of residents. It does not take into account the seriousness of crimes or the number of workers and visitors. Those factors may be helpful in interpreting the results.

For more information, please see the WeHo by the Numbers article, How does West Hollywood’s crime rate compare to nearby Los Angeles neighborhoods? or the Los Angeles Times.

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