@Issue: How Development Restrictions Impact the Economy and Equality


@Issue, at issue@Issue is an occasional post of a story or research from a reputable source about another city and development, affordable housing, homelessness, traffic and other issues also affecting West Hollywood. It is intended to generate discussion among WEHOville readers and to raise awareness among West Hollywood City Council members about how other cities are dealing with issues like ours

From The New York Times, July 3, 2016: “Many of the people who already live in Boulder would prefer that the newcomers settle somewhere else … But a growing body of economic literature suggests that anti-growth sentiment, when multiplied across countless unheralded local development battles, is a major factor in creating a stagnant and less equal American economy.”

Read the full story here: “How Anti-Growth Sentiment, Reflected in Zoning Laws, Thwarts Equality

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Jeffery Ward
7 years ago

Jerome, that doesn’t make sense, especially since Riverside is its own County, besides, why would we want LA residents to move out of LA? Oh, and there is no Transit line unless you count Metro Link and I am sure no one in Riverside or Corona want’s you sending more traffic down the 91. LA should building Housing where the demand is!

7 years ago

It always amazes me that even Los Angeles county cannot focus on building like 10,000 housing units in let’s say Riverside right near a major transit line. This way the housing units can be bigger and more apartment building amenities can be added since it would not be restricted to expensive real estate in West Hollywood, etc.

7 years ago

West Hollywood is not Boulder, both in size and population. Using Boulder as a comparison is apples and oranges.

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