Tonight’s Plummer Park Forum to Discuss Trump’s Impact on LGBT Rights


A community meeting will be held at Plummer Park’s Fiesta Hall this evening to discuss concerns of the LGBT community about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

The “LGBT Town Hall” is produced by the I Love Me Foundation, an organization formed to assist survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

The meeting will be moderated by Mark Anawalt, co-owner of Anawalt Lumber. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. and run until 8 p.m. A light dinner will be served.

The LGBT community has become concerned about the election of Donald Trump as president and Mike Pence as vice president.

Trump’s position on LGBT rights has constantly wavered. He has both supported and opposed same-sex marriage and voiced his support for the North Carolina State Legislature’s HB2 bill that bans transgender people from using restrooms that don’t match their gender at birth and has said he thinks people should use whatever bathroom they want.

Pence, a conservative Christian, has been consistent in his views. As governor of Indiana, he opposed gay marriage. He also supported a law that allowed businesses to cite religious freedom to refuse service to gay and transgender people. As a congressman he voted against nondiscrimination protections at work for LGBT people and has advocated so-called “reparative therapy,” that purports to change the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian people.

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