WeHo Sheriff’s Station Reminds Residents Not to Leave Belongings in Cars


Recurring incidents of car break-ins, including several last week that resulted in $42,500 in goods stolen, have prompted the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station to issue a warning to local residents to remove goods from their cars when they park, whether on the street or in parking garages.  The warning:

“The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station would like to remind residents to not leave personal items in their vehicles. Vehicle burglaries continue to be a problem in West Hollywood, particularly window smash vehicle burglaries in which personal property is clearly visible inside the vehicle. Gated, secured parking garages are easily entered and they are being targeted by criminals due to the large number of cars they contain and the fact they cannot be seen by deputies patrolling surface streets. In addition, criminals walking on sidewalks can easily look into parked vehicles without attracting attention or looking out of place. Window smash burglaries are their preferred method because breaking the window will not activate car alarms.

“West Hollywood Station has increased patrols in problem areas and we urge residents to report any suspicious activity by calling (310) 855-8850.”

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