Handing Over the Gavel: What I Accomplished (and What I Learned) as Mayor of West Hollywood


Editor’s Note: Following are remarks by City Councilmember Lauren Meister as she turned over the gavel to Mayor John Heilman at last night’s West Hollywood City Council meeting.

What I accomplished… As mayor, I worked on a number of exciting initiatives, from developing a Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program, to raising the bar on design standards, environmental programs and sustainability, to supporting our neighborhood-serving small businesses. I also served on the City’s Homeless Initiatives subcommittee and Budget subcommittee. I worked with John Heilman on both committees, and I appreciate his knowledge and experience. When you serve on these types of subcommittees, you learn a lot about how the city works.

West Hollywood City Council
Lauren Meister

Thanks to our Public Safety staff, I was able to participate in the city’s Emergency Operation Center exercise and training video. With the support of our Public Works staff — thank you, Michelle Bell and Oscar Delgado! — I was able to start a dialogue with the City of Beverly Hills about reducing or eliminating a surcharge that West Hollywood residential and commercial water customers have been paying for years. I will keep you posted on our progress.

This past year, I joined with mayors from across the nation to show support for preserving the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as standing up for our more vulnerable communities with the #MayorsStand4All campaign. It was an amazing honor to speak at the Women’s March LA along with other community leaders such as Councilmember Horvath, and to see, first-hand, hundreds of thousands of people – women, men and children – become politically “activated.”

As council member, I will continue to work on neighborhood livability and public safety issues, as well as advocate for neighborhood-friendly development. I will also keep advocating for an animal abuser registry and for moving our animal care and control contract to a Westside facility once our contract with L.A. County (Carson) expires.

I look forward to seeing the results of the Recreation Programs & Services online survey, to see how to enhance the fun side of Aging in Place.


Now, what I learned… one, never put forward a moratorium after an election; only before an election. Two, when in doubt, ask the City Attorney. Three, something is better than nothing. Compromise moves the dial forward.

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Brian Holt
Brian Holt
7 years ago

IMHO,Lauren is a dedicated, thoughtful, and whip smart progressive, serving West Hollywood with great honor. She is someone who consistently puts the residents’ needs and concerns ahead of big money’s. She is someone who thinks outside the box. She’s a fighter. And, most importantly, she is someone who can be trusted.

Kudos to you Lauren. Kudos to you.

7 years ago

Quite honestly, Lauren Meister has grown immeasurably in her seat on council and had stiff challenges to confront. I have found her to be always open for discussion on many points, well informed and has visibly addressed some of the faults folks have pointed out. She has done it with grace and that is something we all could benefit by. Lauren has been a careful and tenacious mayor. Likewise every council member I have approached on a variety of issues has been open and available for informed discussion. Sometimes it’s best, one on one, rather than in a screeching 2… Read more »

7 years ago

Honestly, I expected more out of Meister. She is under performing at the very least and the hope that was placed in her to influence city hall status quo is disappointed.

We need a clean slate. Horvath is a narcissist. D’Amico was afraid to confront his own deputy on her behavior. The other two Johns have long been termed out – give someone else a chance for F sake.

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