WeHo Joins 240 Cities and Mayors in the ‘Compact to Combat Hate’


The City of West Hollywood has signed onto the Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, an initiative of Anti-Defamation League and the United States Conference of Mayors aimed at fighting extremism and bigotry.

West Hollywood is one of more than 240 cities and mayors across the nation to sign onto the compact.

Mayor John Heilman (Photo Jon Viscott)

“Recent events in Charlottesville are not only heartbreaking, they are unacceptable,” said West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman. “We cannot let the forces of racism and hatred take us backwards. Cities across the nation, such as West Hollywood, must lead the way in fighting extremism and violence. In joining the Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, we redouble our efforts to make our communities safe for everyone and we deepen our commitment to promoting the fundamental principles of justice and equality that define our country and our communities.”

In December 2016, shortly after the election of Donald Trump as president, the City of West Hollywood proclaimed a reaffirmation of its commitment to core values, including “respect and support for people.”

“The City works diligently to defend the fundamental rights of its community members including LGBT people, people with disabilities, seniors, people of color, immigrants, women, and others,” said an announcement of the city’s signing onto the compact. Additional information about it is available online at www.mayorscompact.org.

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6 years ago

So the right-winger that rammed his car into the crowd was just a pawn of the left? Trump-like logic.

6 years ago

The only hate, or at least violent hate that I saw was from “Antifa”. The white nationists had a legal permit to demonstrate. They were hardly a monolithic group but that was a moot point. The so-called counter demonstrators incited and initiated almost ALL the violence. A FAR FAR FAR FAR better “strategy” would have been to ignore them. They would have constitutionally voiced their opinions and we wouldn’t even be hearing about “Charlottesville”. In summation the “hate” that I saw was from “the left”. The violence I saw was from the left. The attempts to silence another group’s freedom… Read more »

Mike Dolan
Mike Dolan
6 years ago

Thank you Mayor.

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