WeHo Hosts Marijuana Forum on Saturday


The City of West Hollywood is co-sponsoring a cannabis education forum on Saturday that will give community members an opportunity to discuss the impacts of legalization of marijuana, the current state of the industry, and the real-world application of cannabis and hemp use.

This event will feature panelists and speakers from the medical and legal fields and from businesses. Participants will offer their first-hand experiences regarding medical use in an array of areas, such as for adults and children with special needs, and in hemp industrialization for fuel and materials. Panelists also will discuss legal education, criminal justice issues and innovative opportunities.

marijuana, nestdrop, cannabisThe forum will take place from noon to 5 p.m. at the West Hollywood Auditorium, located at 647 N. San Vicente Blvd., south of Santa Monica. The event is free and open to the public. Parking will be available in the adjacent West Hollywood Park five-story parking structure for a fee.

West Hollywood has been at the forefront of the national discussion about decriminalizing the use of marijuana and has a long record of supporting its use for medicinal purposes. In 1996, WeHo was an early supporter of California’s Proposition 215, also known as the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative or the Compassionate Use Act, which was approved by voters in 1996 and allows statewide use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In 1998, the city approved a resolution to oppose the federal government’s efforts to terminate operations of community-based medical marijuana programs. In 2001, the city approved a resolution to declare West Hollywood a sanctuary for medical cannabis use, cultivation and distribution.

The forum is organized by Cannabis Education Forum (CEF), an organization whose mission is to create a space where business, medical and cannabis professionals can have an open and on-the-record discussion about the current state of the cannabis industry with the public.


For more information or to RSVP about the event, please visit www.cannabiseducationforum.org or contact Amanda Hyde by phone at (323) 508-4CEF (4233) or by email at [email protected].

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