WeHo Pedals Celebrates First Anniversary on Wednesday

WeHo Pedals (Photo by Joshua Barash)

West Hollywood is celebrating the one-year anniversary of WeHo Pedals, the city’s bike share program, on Wednesday.

In an announcement of the event, the city says that “in just 12 months, more than 1,800 riders have pedaled over 20,000 miles on our green bikes, and we have extended our reach to places like The Grove (check out our new station near Sur La Table!) and Runyon Canyon.”

The event will be held at Sal Guarriello Park at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Holloway  from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The celebration will include a food truck, birthday cake, a photo booth and an optional bike ride led by members of the WeHo Bicycle Coalition.

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Wesley McDowell
Wesley McDowell
6 years ago

I am really glad Weho has this program but I wonder about the use. I’ll accept their numbers but as someone who walks along SM a lot ( probably like most of us), it is extremely rare to see one of the bikes in use. Most of them are in the rack. It would be nice to see them and regular bike users actually using the dedicated bike lanes rather than continuing to ride on the sidewalks. Maybe pedestrians should use the bike lanes since the bicyclists insist on using the sidewalks. It would also be nice seeing the Sheriff… Read more »

Tom Smart
Tom Smart
6 years ago

You mean Holloway

Staff Report
6 years ago
Reply to  Tom Smart

You’re right about that! Fixed!

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