West Hollywood Ranks in Top 10 When It Comes to LA County Housing Prices


West Hollywood is the 10th most expensive city in Los Angeles County when it comes to home prices.

That’s according to a report by Property Shark, a real estate data service, which examined residential transactions that closed through the end of September this year in 88 cities and unincorporated areas of L.A. County.

Property Shark reports that the median sales price per square foot in West Hollywood was $626, 66% higher than the Los Angeles County average of $389, which itself is 69% higher than it was five years ago. A median price is not an average. It is number where half of all prices are greater than the median and half are lower than the median.

Median prices vary according to the number of bedrooms. In West Hollywood, the median price for a one-bedroom home was $644 per square foot. The price for a two-bedroom was $626 a square foot, for a three-bedroom $849 and a four-bedroom $976. A studio home, which most likely would be a condo unit, had a median price of $811 per square foot.

Manhattan Beach was the most expensive housing market, with a median price of $943 per square foot. Culver City also outranked WeHo with a median price of $658. Lancaster is the most affordable city in L.A. County with a median price per square foot of $135.

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