Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?


Where did we come from? Where are we now? And where are we headed? Those are important questions for LGBTQ people to ask themselves given that we find ourselves surrounded by a heterosexual culture with greatly different norms.

Don Kilhefner, a Jungian psychologist best known for his activism with radical gay movements in the 1970s, addresses those questions in the second in a series of videos in his Gay Tribal Elder Talk series on YouTube.

Kilhefner, who lives in West Hollywood, was a founding member of the L.A. chapter of the Gay Liberation Front in 1970. In 1971, he was a co-founder of the L.A. Gay Community Services Center, now the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Kilhefner also co-founded the Radical Faeries movement, a worldwide network and countercultural movement that works to redefine queer consciousness through secular spirituality.

Born on March 3, 1938, in Ephrata, Penn., Kilhefner majored iin history at Millersville University and earned a Master’s degree in African American History from Howard University.

He was among the first volunteers in the Peace Corps in 1962 and spent three years living in Ethiopia while teaching in secondary schools.

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