Drop, Cover and Hold On: Thursday Is the Great ShakeOut Day


Death, taxes, the next great California earthquake. Those are three inevitable things that most people don’t want to think about.

The tax filing date is April 15 (and you can apply for an extension). Death, who knows? The next great earthquake? That likely will be sometime between the moment you’re reading this story and 2037 according to a report by the U.S. Geologic Survey, Southern California Earthquake Center and the California Geological Survey.

That report states there is a 99.7% chance a magnitude 6.7 quake or larger will strike by 2037, with the odds slightly higher in Southern California than Northern California. The last such earthquake in California was the Northridge quake in 199, which killed 72 people and injured more than 9,000 others.

Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions © 11/4/2016 Earthquake Country Alliance

A regular medical exam, an advanced care directive and a will can prep you for death. An accountant can get you through tax season. The next earthquake? Consider participating in Thursday’s the Great ShakeOut. That event will take place in downtown Los Angeles at 10:18 a.m. on the east side of Los Angeles City Hall at 200 North Main St. with a brief “drop, cover and hold on” exercise. That exercise will be preceded by an “earthquake resource fair” and then a speech by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The fair will continue until noon.

Those who are unable to attend the event can prep themselves by watching the video above and learning the basics of drop, cover and hold on.

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carleton cronin
carleton cronin
5 years ago

Additionally, those who would be interested in taking care of themselves and family – and perhaps neighbors – after a substantial quake should sign up for CERT – Community Emergency Response Team. Residents of West Hollywood are on their own in the aftermath of a “big one” because formal, professional assistance from fire, police and other agencies will be strained and will be found only at the sites of the most need. You might ask the city if they have any better ideas.

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