Customer Stabs Micky’s Security Guard as He Is Escorted Out of the Bar


A customer being escorted out of Micky’s turned and stabbed a security guard at the West Hollywood bar last night.

The security guard was stabbed twice in the back and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where is reported to be in good health. He apparently had been stabbed twice with a pocket knife and the injuries were minor.

Sheriff’s deputy handcuffing suspect outside Micky’s (Loudlabs video screen shot)

Witnesses on the scene said that Sheriff’s deputies responded quickly to the stabbing, which occurred shortly after 1 a.m.  at the bar, which is on Santa Monica Boulevard just west of  Larrabee Street.

The deputies handcuffed the suspect. As of yet it isn’t clear why the suspect was being removed from the bar.

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Tom demille
5 years ago

When elected you see a big change.did you know RAGE has no Camaras.quess they don’t care about their customers.everyone will be held accountable for their actions.and there will be security ambassadores.and sheriff deputies. And clean up this smelly mess they call boys and girls town.its the very engine that started our city in 1984. LETS START CARING ABOUT IT?

I See You
I See You
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom demille

Tom, stop driving your jeep in the bike lane. How is somone who is breaking the law in WeHo trying to run for City Council in WeHo. No votes for you.

Tom Smart
Tom Smart
5 years ago

Word missing in title:
Customer Stabs Micky’s Security Guard as He Is Escorted OUT of the Bar

Staff Report
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom Smart

Good catch! Thank you

Larry Block
Larry Block
5 years ago

We need permanent security presence on Santa Monica please city council please listen.

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