ICYMI: Another Look at WeHo’s National Night Out, With a Touch of Humor

Ben Kawaller explores West Hollywood’s National Night Out

National Night Out? Hey, in West Hollywood, every night is a night out. But this past Tuesday’s National Night Out was a special one that brought together public safety officers and people from various of the city’s neighborhoods to mix and mingle. This year’s event, which took place on Tuesday night, was the 36th anniversary of National Night Out, which began in 1984 as an effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, law enforcement and community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and to send a message that neighborhoods are organized against crime.

Comedian and videographer Ben Kawaller took to the streets of West Hollywood to check in on several neighborhood National Night Out events. As you’ll see in the video above, Kawaller used his ironic sense of humor to interview Lt. William Moulder of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, whose own subtle sense of humor is evident in his response to Kawaller’s provocative questions. Kawaller also elicited some laughter from Scott Houston, a member of the board of the West Basin Municipal Water District representing Division IV, which includes West Hollywood. And then he gave a platform for Pat Dixon to call out Seniors in Action’s monthly meeting.

The gallery below shows what you missed if you weren’t able to attend the West Hollywood Heights Neighborhood Association’s National Night Out event. WHHNA’s chair, Elyse Eisenberg, provided the photos to WEHOville, which show that every City Council member was in attendance, along with U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff.

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Pat Dixon
Pat Dixon
4 years ago

Well, very honestly, Michael and I gave you at least 30 minutes of good, spontaneous, witty repartee, and all we got was a lousy .07 seconds? (besides which, why did you have to loop an awful New York accent to my voice?) My agent is very upset and his agent will be calling your agent. Other than that, it was a good clip of our wonderful city’s celebration of the various NNO.

Drew Pokorny
Drew Pokorny
4 years ago

Love that video at the top! Love this reporting! Thank you for looking after and reflecting our wonderful village!!

Eric Jon Schmidt
4 years ago

First, I think that Public Safety should be the number one priority for West Hollywood (and all Cities). I appreciate the effort by the City to bring Residents’ together once a year to talk about crime. But I can’t help asking: “what’s the point?”. There has not been an overall reduction in crime since the “night out” started. Very little improvements have been made for public safety. The crosswalks are still inconsistent, car break in’s have not gone done, drug use in Plummer Park, Scooter and Electric bikes are not enforced, just to name a few items. The National Night… Read more »

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