Runners in the 2020 LA Marathon Will Make Their Way Through WeHo on March 8

Cooling off during the LA Marathon (Photo: Jon Viscott)

Runners in the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon will be making their way through West Hollywood on March 8 as part of a 26.2-mile “Stadium to the Sea” course that begins at Dodger Stadium and ends in the City of Santa Monica.

The Los Angeles Marathon route for 2020 will guide runners into the City of West Hollywood along Sunset Boulevard at Marmont Lane, just west of Crescent Heights Boulevard. From the Sunset Strip, runners will turn left (south) onto North SanVicente Boulevard; then right (west) on Santa Monica Boulevard; then left (south) onto North Doheny Drive, where they will enter the City of Beverly Hills at Beverly Boulevard. An estimated 24,000 people from all 50 states and more than 63 countries will run through West Hollywood between miles 14 and 15 of the course.

“Experiencing the City of West Hollywood at a runner’s pace is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning,” said West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico. “It’s seems obvious to me that the best 1.5 miles of the 26.2-mile LA Marathon course is the part in West Hollywood. You might want to riff with the music cats on the Sunset Strip or have a two-Bloody-Mary brunch with your gay pals on Santa Monica Boulevard or you might even be tempted to hop on The PickUp and head east for some Chow Fun at the historic Formosa Café. But it’s probably better for you to finish the course and come back later when you’re not so sweaty.”

To ensure the safety of the large numbers of Los Angeles Marathon runners, there will be several street closures in West Hollywood on March 8 from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m.; crews will work to reopen roads to vehicle traffic as quickly as possible:

  • Sunset Boulevard between Marmont Lane and Clark Street/North San Vicente Boulevard (the route enters West Hollywood from the City of Los Angeles west along Sunset Boulevard from Marmont Lane, just west of Crescent Heights Boulevard);
  • North San Vicente Boulevard between Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue;
  • Santa Monica Boulevard between La Cienega Boulevard and North Doheny Drive;
  • North Doheny Drive between Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard (the route exits West Hollywood to Beverly Hills south along North Doheny Drive from Beverly Boulevard).

Parking will be strictly prohibited along the Los Angeles Marathon route. “No Parking” signs will be posted prior to the event. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Los Angeles Marathon spectators and community members who are searching for alternative parking solutions in West Hollywood during the Los Angeles Marathon are encouraged to visit the City of West Hollywood’s website, where a directory of parking structures and municipal lots with hours of operation and rates is available online. Members of the public are encouraged to carpool and to use public transportation, taxis, or ride sharing options.


For additional information regarding the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon, including details about road closures and alternate access routes, visit General inquires may also be directed by email to or by telephone to (213) 542-3000.

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