Worth a Look: Private Elevators, Working at ‘The Wing,’ the Doctor and Drugs


Worth a Look is an occasional feature in which WEHOville calls out stories in other publications about people, places, and issues that have or have had an impact on West Hollywood.

A view above (and beyond) West Hollywood. (Photo courtesy of Pendry Residences)

If you’re worried about contracting the coronavirus from the neighbor sharing the elevator in your apartment or condo building, maybe you should consider moving into the Pendry Residences West Hollywood, the new development at the corner of Fountain Avenue and Olive Drive where you can get a 2,900-square-foot condo for around $3 million (and a more glamorous 6,000-square-foot unit said to be selling for $30 million.)

One of the many amenities called out by Bisnow.com, the real estate website, is a private elevator.

“The residents who will soon live at Montage International’s new Pendry Residences West Hollywood in Los Angeles will have their own private elevator that takes them directly to their room.  They will have access to a rooftop pool with views of the Westside of Los Angeles, a wine room, a boardroom and a personal concierge, who can arrange almost every type of service from making dinner reservations to arranging activities for the family and wrapping gifts,” Bisnow reports.  The entire story can be read here.

An illustration of the interior of The Wing in West Hollywood.

Elite Feminism at The Wing

The Wing is back in the news with “The Wing Is a Woman’s Utopia. Unless You Work There,” a lengthy profile of the women’s co-working space published by the New York Times Magazine. The Wing has a location in West Hollywood.

The story, based on interviews with 26 current and former Wing employees in spaces across the United States, describes a culture where affluent female members of the Wing are working in a “pink penthouse in the sky” while the Wing’s female employees, particularly those who are African-American, feel downgraded. “I was the connector, the friend, the therapist, the mother, the sister, the live-in coach,” one former employee says in the Times story. “I was treated like a human kitty-litter box.” Another employee said “We were ‘the help.’”


The Wing launched in New York City as a “women’s-focused coworking and networking space” but evolved into a “gender neutral” workspace after the New York City Human Rights Commission launched an investigation into its alleged discriminatory membership policies. Last year the Wing opened a luxurious co-working space above the Sprouts store at 8550 Santa Monica Blvd. Shortly after the opening, The Guardian, one of the world’s leading English-language news organizations, published a profile of the membership-only club, calling out an incident in May 2019 in which a black woman who was a member of the West Hollywood branch of the club was accosted by a white woman who was a guest of a Wing member. That incident is cited in the New York Times story.

The Doctor Busted With Drugs

Dr. Anand Pandya

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story erred in stating that Dr. Pandya has lost his license to practice medicine in New York City. The New York Post reports :While California medical authorities seek to yank Pandya’s privileges, their counterparts in New York have yet to take action against the 52-year-old forensic psychiatry specialist, who has been licensed in the Empire State since 1996.

Dr. Anand Pandya, a psychiatrist who once practiced at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, is contesting an effort by the California Medical Board to revoke his license to practice medicine after his arrest in 2016 for possession of 16.3 ounces of methamphetamine and 25 hypodermic needles. The New York Post reports that the illegal drugs were found in Pandya’s suitcase on a flight back from Germany. According to the Post, Pandya has identified himself on his LinkedIn page, which has been removed, as director of inpatient psychiatry at Cedars although he no longer is there. He is licensed to practice medicine in New York. The Post story can be read here.

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Jonathan H. Dowling
Jonathan H. Dowling
4 years ago

Given the collapse of the roaring economy, I wish them luck in getting $30 million now. I guess the silver lining to this whole Coronavirus thing is that the insane real estate and rental markets will finally see prices drop.

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