WeHo’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infections Have Increased to 12


Data released today by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health shows that the City of West Hollywood now has 12 confirmed COVID-19 infections, or one for every 3,071 residents. West Hollywood is the most densely populated city in Los Angeles County, which may be a factor in it continued ranking as the city with the highest number of infections per resident.

The number of confirmed infections in West Hollywood reported today has increased from five reported by WEHOville on Monday. One resident recently confirmed to have been infected is Mayor John D’Amico, who made his infection public on Wednesday. D’Amico is self-isolating at the home he shares with his husband, Keith Rand.

Data released at noon by the Public Health Department shows there are 231 confirmed infections, an increase from the 94 reported at the beginning of this week. Two deaths of those infected have been reported so fare. Today’s report shows Long Beach had a major increase in infections, jumping from five on Tuesday to 12 reported today.

In today’s report the Health Department confirmed infections in neighborhoods where they had not been reported before. For example, Brentwood, an affluent neighborhood on the Westside, has 13 confirmed infection. Two were reported in Hancock Park.

On Jan. 22, the Public Health Department had reported no cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. But on Jan. 26 it reported the first case. 

The City of West Hollywood has declared a state of emergency because of the virus. Information the restrictions and services implemented as part of that can be found on the city’s website. WEHOville has added a section to the website that includes all stories it has published about the coronavirus epidemic, including services offered by local businesses.

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Steve Martin
Steve Martin
4 years ago

We have to be realistic about the numbers of us who will ultimately be infected without falling into a panic. Given the numbers the governor is predicting for California we could easily have 20,000 residents impacted by COVID 19. I don’t throw out that number to scare people but to alert us to what the experts are saying is the reality. So take the appropriate measures and do your best to keep track of friends and neighbors because we are going have to be there for each other. In the meantime a donation to SOVA Food Bank will help those… Read more »

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