COVID-19: Latest Data Shows WeHo and Brentwood With Highest Infection Counts

Photo by Martin Sanchez

The number of confirmed novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in Los Angeles County jumped to 351 on Saturday, a major increase from the 292 counted the day before. There were 18 confirmed infections in West Hollywood, up from 15 on Friday.

Saturday’s count means one of every 2,047 West Hollywood residents has been diagnosed to be infected with the virus, the highest percentage of any city or community counted by the LA Public Health Department and those of Long Beach and Pasadena.  Brentwood, which also had 18 confirmed infections on Saturday, had the second highest percentage, with one of every 2,052 residents diagnosed.

The Melrose neighborhood to the south of West Hollywood was home to 12 confirmed cases on Saturday, one for every 4,000 residents. In Beverly Hills, the count on Saturday was seven, up two from Friday’s count of five.  And in Culver City there were four confirmed infections, the same number as the day before. There were 12 cases confirmed in Hollywood, up from seven on Friday.

The Public Health Department said there were two additional deaths in Los Angeles County, raising the total thus far to four. “The individuals who died were both older than 65 with underlying health conditions; one person lived in Miracle Mile and the other individual resided in Del Rey,” the Health Department said in an announcement of the infection count. “Because there are positive cases across the entire county, the public should not think one location is safer than another. Additional information regarding some of the new cases are pending completion of investigations.”

The Health Department also clarified the restrictions it issued Thursday  that said “public grooming” services were permitted.  In today’s statement it said that “personal grooming services (including hair and nail salons) are non-essential services that are closed.” It also stated that golf courses are closed.

“If you are mildly sick, stay home for at least seven days or until 72 hours after being fever free, whichever is longer,” the Department said in its statement. “Call your doctor if you are concerned and/or your symptoms worsen. Individuals who are elderly, have underlying health conditions or pregnant should consider contacting their providers earlier when they are sick.”


People are asked not to leave their homes unless it for essential shopping (groceries, medicines, home supplies, etc.) or to walk a dog or take a walk for exercise. And even then, they are instructed to stay six feet away from others.  Gatherings of 10 or more people are banned.  Smaller events, such as a family union of up to nine people, must include access to soap and water for handwashing or hand sanitizer, and those attending must sit at least six feet apart.

The City of West Hollywood has declared a state of emergency because of the virus. Information the restrictions and services implemented as part of that can be found on the city’s website. WEHOville has added a section to the website that includes all stories it has published about the coronavirus epidemic, including services offered by local businesses.

Here is a list of cities and communities in Los Angeles County with the number of cases confirmed as of Saturday:

  • Alhambra 3
  • Altadena 3
  • Arcadia 2
  • Baldwin Hills 2
  • Beverly Hills 7
  • Beverlywood 5
  • Boyle Heights 5
  • Brentwood 18
  • Burbank 1
  • Calabasas 1
  • Carson 3
  • Castaic 1
  • Century City 4
  • Century Palms/Cove 1
  • Cerritos 1
  • Covina 1
  • Crestview 4
  • Culver City 4
  • Del Rey 2
  • Diamond Bar 2
  • Downtown 1
  • Eagle Rock 1
  • East Los Angeles 1
  • Echo Park 1
  • El Segundo 2
  • Encino 10
  • Gardena 1
  • Glendale 5
  • Granada Hills 4
  • Hancock Park 4
  • Hawthorne 2
  • Hollywood 12
  • Hollywood Hills 2
  • Inglewood 2
  • Koreatown 1
  • La Canada Flintridge 1
  • La Mirada 3
  • La Verne 1
  • Lake Balboa 1
  • Lakewood 1
  • Lancaster 3
  • Lawndale 1
  • Lomita 7
  • Long Beach 13
  • Lynwood 1
  • Manhattan Beach 7
  • Mar Vista 4
  • Melrose 12
  • Miracle Mile 1
  • Montebello 1
  • Monterey Park 3
  • North Hollywood 5
  • Northridge 1
  • Pacific Palisades 7
  • Palms 1
  • Park La Brea 4
  • Pasadena 3
  • Playa Vista 2
  • Redondo Beach 2
  • Reseda 3
  • San Dimas 1
  • San Fernando 1
  • San Pedro 1
  • Santa Clarita 4
  • Santa Monica 5
  • Santa Monica Mountains 3
  • Sherman Oaks 7
  • Silverlake 3
  • South El Monte 1
  • South Pasadena 2
  • South Whittier 1
  • Stevenson Ranch 1
  • Studio City 4
  • Sun Valley 1
  • Sunland 1
  • Sylmar 1
  • Tarzana 7
  • Torrance 2
  • Tujunga 1
  • University Park 1
  • Valley Glen 6
  • Van Nuys 2
  • Venice 6
  • Vermont Knolls 1
  • Vermont Vista 1
  • Vernon Central 1
  • Walnut 1
  • West Adams 2
  • West Covina 1
  • West Hills 4
  • West Hollywood 18
  • West Los Angeles 3
  • West Vernon 2
  • Westchester 3
  • Westlake 1
  • Westwood 5
  • Whittier 2
  • Winnetka 1
  • Woodland Hills 5
  • Under Investigation 31
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James Francis
James Francis
4 years ago

The times are uncertain and fear driven since as this is caused with unseen germs through a cough sneeze or and fecal or saliva droplets on and around surfaces. COVID 19 novel coronavirus that is lethal because in 3 months it has had devastating health and economic implications in 30 countries 300,000 cases tested and now in the United States close to 40,000 confirmed cases and those are people who have been tested in the United States and only 500 cases in Los Angeles! What about homeless or those without health insurances! There are also carriers who have NO SYMPTOMS-and… Read more »

4 years ago

These number mean nothing unless everyone was tested. People tend to get tested more often in W. Hollywood for just about everything compared to other cities.

Also, some of these tests are rushed to market and CAN give false positives so get multiple test results from multiple sources.

4 years ago

Wehoville unfortunately appears as disjointed and uninformed as the administration in setting the public straight on this Coronavirus pandemic . Myriad articles collected from who knows where neither tells a story nor updates one succinctly. Editing does not appear its strong suit nor does hands on journalism. Please get serious about important issues in this eternally infantile community. Our leaders don’t step up and our news source doesn’t efficiently step up leaving individuals to their own sensibilities. Those not contaminated by the Age of Irresponsibility will hopefully figure it out. Sad commentary on a community who is in its own… Read more »

4 years ago

The social fabric of our lives has been radically changed. When will we feel safe enough to shake hands, let alone hug each other ?

James Francis
James Francis
4 years ago
Reply to  Observer

I think that stops now that walking a sidewalk people back away or avoid anyone. As someone said a long time ago when people think of sexual risk or abstinence because of super viruses and STD’s becoming drug resistant before and after PREP—you have to assume everyone might have HIV/AIDS even with a negative test result. Now we have to think or assume everyone has SARS COVID 19 why they call it Novel it is a new form of Coronavirus that there is no existing vaccine or built immunity from a serious SARS 09 (2008-2009). The country thinks it will… Read more »

Wake up City
Wake up City
4 years ago

The young really need to start taking this more seriously. I have young neighbors who are STILL socializing. Due to the fact that one who lives directly across from me and seems to be an exhibitionist and leaves her curtains and windows open most of the time, if I open my blinds I can see that she does not “socially distance” herself from her friends when they come over. Then they all pile into a car and go out somewhere. PITIFUL!

4 years ago

Thank you for updating us. I appreciate it.

4 years ago

It would really helpful if people infected can publish where they’d been in the days prior to feeling sick. Hope everyone makes a recovery

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