LA Animal Services Offers Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Holidays

Poinsettia plant can be toxic to pets

Officials with the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services warned pet owners Thursday of potential dangers to animals that come along with holiday festivities.

Pets may see festive decor as something to play with or eat, and people are urged to keep an eye on their animals and put decorations out of their reach. Tinsel can cause intestinal blockage, electric lights and wires can cause burns, and ornaments and other breakable decorations can cause injuries.

Christmas tree fertilizer, as well as several festive flowers and plants, may be poisonous to animals. Poinsettias can cause gastrointestinal irritation, and amaryllis, holly, lilies and mistletoe can cause more serious ailments if consumed by pets. Animals who are not acting like themselves should be taken to a veterinarian, and Animal Services officials urged owners to check in advance to see where the closest 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic is.

Officials also reminded pet owners to make sure their animals have up- to-date identification, especially when loud noises and noisemakers during the holidays can scare pets into running away.

“Try creating a safe space in your home, like a room or crate with their favorite toy, where your pet can have some quiet space if needed,” officials said.

More information on how to keep pets safe is available at

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