West Hollywood Businesses, Partygoers Celebrate Moving into post-Covid Orange Tier Nightside


Residents, businesses and partygoers in West Hollywood have joined up with others in welcoming in the state’s shift into the less-restrictive Orange Tier representing moderate risk of the Covid-19 virus.

Under the Orange Tier, West Hollywood is also expanding capacity of already allowed reopened business activity with most increasing to 50 percent of capacity. Gyms can increase capacity to 25 percent up to 100 patrons.

Retail would jump from 50 percent to no limit, and bars that don’t serve food would finally get to open.

Los Angeles County technically hit its case rate goal March 31, but local officials decided to postpone the reopenings that accompany Orange Tier status until last week, a full three weeks after the last round of reopenings, rather than the two weeks the state requires.

Under pressure from a recall effort, Gov. Gavin Newsom startled Californians last week when he announced reopening the state for business on June 15.

Could Newsom’s plan may be too much too soon that could enable a fourth surge of the virus, some have asked. Public health experts, though, believe that another surge capable of overwhelming hospitals is unlikely.


“It’s certainly good news that we’re making progress, reducing transmission across the county,” Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said last week. “However, we continue to remain concerned about the potential risks that can thwart our progress.”

The L.A. Philharmonic also announced last week its imminent reopening of the Hollywood Bowl. The iconic venue has been dark for 18 months.

The Bowl’s historic closure will end on May 15 with the first of four free concerts for essential workers. The 2021 season will then kick off in early July.

The L.A. Phil said it is working to identify front-line workers — including first responders, healthcare workers, grocery store staff, custodians and delivery drivers — so they can be invited to the free shows.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for,” said L.A. Phil President and Chief Executive Chad Smith. “The Bowl is back.”

Includes reporting and video from Fox News