Galperin jumps in race for County Supervisor

(Left to Right: Ron Galperin, Lindsey Horvath, Richard Bloom)

Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin is the latest candidate to join the race for L.A. County Supervisor, 3rd District.

“L.A. is at a turning point,” he said. “We face enormous challenges, but also have great opportunities that must be tackled with guts and vision. It takes leadership and a willingness to fight to deliver a more equitable Los Angeles.”

Galperin was a surprise winner in 2013, when Los Angeles voters gravitated toward his smart spending style. Over his two terms, Galperin has targeted superfluous city spending and pushed for transparency in how much the city pays its employees.

The role of County Supervisor is a quietly powerful position. The five supervisors of L.A. County hold sway over $30 billion in funds and each represents about 2 million residents.

The Third District spans 431 square miles and stretches from all the way Venice to the San Fernando Valley.

Galperin may be, as LA Mag wrote, the “biggest name” to run for the spot so far,  but he will face stiff competition from at least two other candidates.


West Hollywood’s own Mayor Lindsey Horvath kicked off her race last month with a string of endorsements, including that of current County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who will step down when her term ends next year.

Also in the running is California Assemblymember Richard Bloom, who represents Santa Monica Beverly Hills and Brentwood in Sacramento. 

State Senators Henry Stern and Bob Hertzberg may also throw their hats into the ring.

The primary election will be held in June.

Galperin’s prepared statement announcing his candidacy:

L.A. is at a turning point. Our region has always been the home of creativity, innovation and dreams. As we begin to emerge from more than a year of COVID-19, we face enormous challenges, but also have great opportunities that must be tackled with guts and vision. It takes leadership and a willingness to fight to deliver a more equitable Los Angeles.

In 2022, L.A. will be electing new leadership that will chart the course for years to come. We must do more to combat homelessness, poverty, mental illness and inequity while strengthening our economy, improving transportation, protecting our environment and expanding opportunity. The future depends on innovative, accountable and energetic leadership. That’s what I want to bring to L.A. County.

I’ve been honored to serve as L.A.’s elected Controller since 2013. In that capacity, I’ve served as the elected watchdog for taxpayers, ensuring that public dollars are spent transparently, efficiently and effectively while also overseeing the City’s finances and reducing government fraud and waste. I’ve transformed the Controller’s role and improved public services by using data transparency, technology, audits and reports, dashboards, maps and more — to better meet people’s needs.

I am unafraid to challenge the status quo — addressing clear shortcomings in homeless housing and services, planning, public safety, infrastructure and more by holding public officials accountable and working to be an agent for innovation and change in local government.

I would be honored to have your support.

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Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
3 years ago

Look out Lindsey! There are real people in the race!

3 years ago

Terrific news. A professional with verifiable experience, the ability to tackle a position which can be unwieldy and show verifiable results.

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