This week in WeHo


A round-up of city meetings and events this week in West Hollywood.

Monday, November 29

8:00 AM West Hollywood Pride Subcommittee Meeting
9:00 AM Helen Albert Certified Farmers’ Market

Tuesday, November 30

6:00 PM Social Justice Task Force Teleconference Meeting

Wednesday, December 1

5:30 PM Virtual Neighborhood Meeting for 8279 Santa Monica Boulevard
6:00 PM Transgender Advisory Board Teleconference Meeting (Cancelled)
6:00 PM Paul Andrew Starke Warrior Awards

Thursday, December 2

5:00 PM Performing Arts and Cultural Affairs Subcommittee Teleconference Special Meeting
6:30 PM Planning Commission Teleconference Meeting

Friday, December 3

No events scheduled at this time.

Saturday, December 4

9:00 AM Junk in the Trunk
For a look at the entire month visit our website calendar.

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Worried in WeHo
Worried in WeHo
2 years ago

Residents in and around West Hollywood can attend the City Council Meeting online at 6:00 pm on Dec 6. At issue is whether a first of its kind project can be introduced into the city: a glossy take on the SRO–Single Resident Occupancy, repackaged as “co-living”. Falsely advertised as 18 apartments, it is actually 18 units, each with 5 bedroom/bath suites, each individually leased, with approx. 30 parking places to accommodate approx. 90 tenants and their guests. Everybody else can scramble to park on Fairfax or Fountain. WeHo says their hands are tied because Sacramento has given the green light… Read more »

Chloe Ross
2 years ago

The WeHo Cecil!

Chloe Ross
2 years ago

The WeHo Cecil! I agree. What sneaky, snide, stupid game they are playing.

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