Schiff seeking millions for homeless services, Log Cabin fix-up


Today, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) announced he is requesting over $22.9 million in community funding projects for the 2024 fiscal year. These funds would go directly towards boosting initiatives like youth outreach, wildfire prevention, mental health services, education programs, housing services, and other community projects.

“These fifteen local projects will make a critical difference in the life of people who call California’s 30th congressional district home. By funding these projects, we can help ensure they reach more communities and people. In 2023, we were able to get over $13.7 million in funding for some incredible community projects. This year, I am requesting more than $22.9 million for projects that will help homeless youth find a place to live, expand mental health services, improve homeless shelters, and more – and I look forward to obtaining these additional resources Californians need,”said Congressman Schiff.

In FY23, Schiff secured over $13.7 million for public safety, housing, health, and education programs.


  1. $75,000 for the City of Glendale to support regular brush abatement and fuel reduction, which would help reduce the risk of wildfires.
  2. $652,821 for Covenant House California to provide street outreach in partnership with local law enforcement to homeless youth who are victims of crime.
  3. $200,000 for The City of Burbank Police Department’s Mental Health Evaluation Team to expand their services and resource to respond to mental health crises and educate the community about mental illness.
  4. $3 million for renovations that will make Gower Street Apartments — a supportive housing building for seniors who have previously experienced homelessness— safer, cleaner, and more accessible.
  5. $1,563,727 for improvements and expansions to the Ascencia Interim Housing Facility and Access Center which serves over one thousand unhoused individuals and families throughout LA County.
  6. $500,000 to convert the Home Again LA facility into an Access Center for people experiencing housing insecurity and help finance a housing development of tiny homes to be used as transitional housing for those in need of immediate shelter and wraparound services.
  7. $1.8 million for the Mountains Recreation and Conservation to acquire a 240-acre space connected to the Verdugo Wash from Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park, which will provide a broad range of permanent public benefits, including open space, scenic area, recreational opportunities, rich natural resources, and sequestration of greenhouse gases.
  8. $1,542,965 to the Glendale Community College to renovate 8,000 square feet of unused space into a community center, which would then become one of the largest community centers in the California Community College system. The center would benefit students, faculty and staff, and disadvantaged community members of the Glendale area.
  9. $1.75 million to rehabilitate the historic Log Cabin facility that is used by the West Hollywood Recovery Center for weekly 12 step recovery meetings, to ensure it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the California Building Code.
  10. $4,522,061 for Griffith Park to repave pedestrian trails and roadways, add safety enhancements, and rehabilitate the recreational facilities, especially after recent tragedies.
  11. $2.76 million to renovate two public supportive housing properties to update them to today’s earthquake standards and add green spaces for tenants to enjoy.
  12. $1,658,710 for an interim housing facility for unhoused domestic violence survivor mothers and children, to renovate the facility to become ADA compliant, increasing shelter capacity, and general updates for the facility, which is a safe haven and center that provides supportive services.
  13. $654,480 for the Los Angeles City College Health Sciences Apprenticeship Program to fund a workforce development program to support a cohort of forty Nursing and Radiologic Technology students.
  14. $2 million for the St. Barnabas Senior Center of Los Angeles to renovate and expand their facilities – including replacing the HVAC system, updating the tile to safe flooring, and ensure all areas of the center are accessible to the elderly and disabled.
  15. $285,867 for Making It Happen, Inc.’s food pantry, which serves around 250 people every week, so they can secure a permanent location.


Full descriptions for the FY24 community projects can be found here.

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11 months ago

I love Schiff, he was one of my favorite representatives even before he went above and beyond in personally shielding democracy from awful Trump and the MAGA scourge.

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7 months ago
Reply to  Stephen

Plus Adam Schiff doesn’t seem to hire quality staff.

carleton cronin
11 months ago

Just what our congressional representative shod do for his constituents – all of them, even you.

11 months ago

I generally like Adam Schiff because of his work exposing conman Trump, but I wouldn’t throw good money after bad. I don’t believe in rewarding the homeless, or rewarding poor people for being unsuccessful and poor. Plus Adam Schiff doesn’t seem to hire quality staff. The supposedly “historic” and unpractical Log Cabin building should be torn down, and the property either used for something the actual taxpayers benefit from, or possibly used to build million dollar condos for millionaires the City needs more of. Alcoholics and drug addicts should learn there are consequences for their actions, and enough is enough… Read more »

11 months ago


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