WEHOonline proudly profiles the winners of this year’s Creative Business Awards, presented by the WeHo Chamber of Commerce. Here we speak with Eli Dominguez, Area Manager for Everytable West Hollywood, which was honored with the Creative Concept Award, given to a business that is an innovator of a cool new concept, product, or service.

Eli Dominguez of Everytable

Eli Dominguez
Area Manager, Everytable West Hollywood


What was the inspiration behind Everytable? When did it start and where?

Founded in 2016 in South LA, Everytable was founded by Sam Polk who believes that nutritious food is a human right and not a luxury product. Since then, we’ve opened 60 locations with the mission of making delicious, nutritious, and affordable food accessible to everyone, everywhere.


How do you describe the type of meals you offer? Ready-made? Meal prep?

Our meals are scratch-made using whole, fresh ingredients that go into prepared hot plates, salads, family meals, and more.



How are the meals packaged and prepared? Who comes up with the menu?

The meals are chef-crafted in a central kitchen and dreamt up by our incredible Chef Tim!


Why the brick and mortar store on Santa Monica Boulevard? Isn’t the rent too expensive to turn a profit?

We see West Hollywood as a community made up of creative, vibrant people that love great food, so having a presence here was a natural fit for Everytable as we aim to provide high-quality meals to all of the incredible neighborhoods across Los Angeles.


What’s your favorite meal at Everytable?

My favorite meal is the ‘Craft Bacon Burger in A Bowl,’ which has burger crumble with cheesy cream sauce and is topped with dill relish. It’s delicious!


What does the future hold for Everytable?

Our goal is for Everytable to continue expanding so that more people everywhere can benefit from having access to our healthy grab-and-go meals at an attainable price point, while continuing to invest in underserved communities and food scarce populations, as well.


How has the Chamber helped you succeed in WeHo?

The Chamber has not only welcomed us to WeHo with open arms, but has provided us with so much continued support in running our business. The Chamber sends many members, family, and friends to us here, and we couldn’t be more grateful to be included in this wonderful business community.


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2 months ago

To answer the post above from Mr Myers, the sodium content is sky high.
I wouldn’t order food there because of their very heavy hand.

Joan Henehan
Joan Henehan
2 months ago

Eli and EVERYTABLE are providing healthy, wholesome and affordable meals for everyone, as well as relieving parents and children of modest means to avoid the fast-food plague. This concept is new and revolutionary in a positive way and is being rolled out in a big way. It brings nutrition that is clean and delicious, while supporting a healthier society. I hope that the word gets out to parents, schools and to everyone who EATS!

1 month ago
Reply to  Joan Henehan

Until they do something about the dreadfully high and unhealthy amount of sodium in nearly all of their products, I hope that nobody catches on to their otherwise marvelous venture.

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