New cannabis lounge coming to WeHo’s West Side


West Hollywood will be joined by a new cannabis lounge this February called Private Reserve, situated behind the Off The Charts dispensary on Santa Monica Boulevard

This venue, designed by Norman Yousif and Nima Haddadi, is one of only six such lounges authorized in Los Angeles County.

Private Reserve, distinguished by its elegant design, includes a prominent u-shaped bar where customers can receive tailor-made cannabis experiences, ranging from hand-rolled joints to bongs.

The lounge also offers booth seating for larger groups. Yousif, the founder of the Off the Charts dispensary brand, is known for his commitment to quality, service, and luxury in the cannabis industry.

Haddadi brings a diverse background as a lawyer, restaurateur, and hotelier, adding a unique dimension to the venture. This project marks the first collaboration between Yousif and Haddadi, blending their diverse expertise.


Private Reserve differentiates itself with a varied menu, featuring a wide range of strains and services. Although cannabis sales cease at 11pm, the lounge provides an option for guests to preorder and store their purchases in secure lockers for after-hours enjoyment. While walk-in guests are welcome, reservations are advised due to limited space.

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A Nasty Endeavor
A Nasty Endeavor
6 months ago

You can dress it up and make it appear exclusive but in the end it is really a venue for a very nasty endeavor. West Hollywood appears duplicitous in allowing the excessive number of these venues.

6 months ago

“One of only six such lounges authorized in LA County”……..Seems like Weho has all six.

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