WEHO CRIME STATS 🚔 Armed robberies up, calls for service down


In 2023, armed robberies rose significantly in West Hollywood over the year prior, according to data set to be discussed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at the Public Safety Commission meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight.

Incidents of strong arm estes robbery — where a robber uses a weapon against someone trying to stop them from stealing — jumped 212%. 

There were 101 reports of robbery throughout the year, an almost 8% increase. Burglaries rose by about 13%, and shoplifting was up by 5.5%.

Grand thefts of an unlocked vehicle increased by 62%, and grand theft of vehicle parts jumped by almost 50%, likely due to catalytic converter thefts.

Aggravated assaults were down from 2022 by about 16%. Use of guns during an assault fell, while use of knives increased.

Pickpocketing was down by nearly 40% from 2022, a drop of more than 150 incidents.

Incidents of auto theft and arson fell. There were no homicides reported in 2023.

The department had a total of 20,839 calls for service over 21,254 in 2022. 


The city’s west side saw 58% of all Part 1 crimes reported, with the remaining split between the east (23%) and center (19%).


Sheriffs apprehended six drivers suspected of driving under the influence.

Calls for service were down from 1,697 in November to 1,579 in December, as were traffic reports (78 to 59).

There were 20 arrests and citations, up four from last month.’

Sheriffs offered outreach services to 84 homeless people last month but only six accepted them.






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Robert Switzer
Robert Switzer
1 month ago

I wonder whether extensive publicity about the City Council’s experiment with a reduced number of armed deputies signaled to criminals that West Hollywood is easy pickings.

Yall annoying
Yall annoying
1 month ago
Reply to  Robert Switzer

They never actually got rid of any Sherrifs. Yes I know it was said they were gonna get rid of like 3 of them for more ambassadors but they never got rid of the Sherrifs. They actually hired on more for overnight. Yet where are they you ask. No one knows they never respond to calls anyways

Carleton cro9nin
1 month ago

It is impossible to know what “unusual activity” is these days, but all residents and persons employed here must sharpen their observational skills to learn what is acceptable behavior and report their suspicions. WEHO has always been a candy store for low level thugs. Fast cars and handguns now allow a more dangerous fr of street crime. A vigorous WATCH program involvIng both residents and the. commercial sector would be a strong set i the right direction.

1 month ago

Not very good numbers. We need more police and punishment (incarceration) for those that commit crimes. When there are no consequences for those that break the law, they will do more bad things..not rocket science.

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