Cannabis shops asking to move operations arounds


West Hollywood’s Business License Commission is poised to approve two changes to two of WeHo’s cannabis shops at their meeting tonight.

The yet-to-be-opened GOAT Global is requesting the consolidation of cannabis operations from two separate units into a single location at 7614 Santa Monica Boulevard, along with a reduction in the number of security guards.

Its parent company MuthaTree LLC originally obtained approval for a Cannabis Consumption Area (Edibles) License (CCA-000004) on October 12, 2021, with operations spanning two separate units within the same complex. The initial setup included an edible/ingestion lounge at 7626 Santa Monica and a designated area for smoking and vaping, including an outdoor patio for edibles only, at 7614 Santa Monica. However, due to financial constraints in the current cannabis market and challenges with the initial design and permitting process, the company has sought to modify its operations.

The proposed changes, detailed in the Commission’s documents, include relocating the cannabis edibles license space from 7626 Santa Monica Boulevard to the front and upstairs space of 7614 Santa Monica Boulevard. Consequently, the smoking area will be reduced and relocated to the rear of the building, and the outdoor area for edible consumption will be eliminated. This adjustment aligns with the West Hollywood Municipal Code, which stipulates that for premises of 3,000 square feet or less, the smoking area should not exceed fifty percent of the premises.

The restructured layout will feature the front tenant space dedicated to edibles only, with the ancillary smoking area occupying the rear. The second floor or mezzanine will be exclusively for edibles/ingestion. To comply with the city’s odor control requirements, GOAT Global will maintain an advanced HVAC system and carbon filters to prevent smoke and odors from escaping, along with weather-stripping exterior doors and windows.


Addressing security concerns, the business owner has requested to reduce the number of security guards from four to two, citing the reduced business footprint. City staff, after reviewing the application and supporting documentation for compliance with the West Hollywood Municipal Code, has found the request reasonable. The code mandates that cannabis consumption areas maintain adequate security and lighting, and the staff believes that two security guards are sufficient for the premises post-modification.

If approved, MuthaTree LLC will also need to obtain all necessary permits and approvals from the city’s Building Division and pass an inspection by the City’s Neighborhood and Business Safety Division to ensure full compliance with city regulations.

Meanwhile, The Artist Tree, which has been an established name in the cannabis market since receiving its initial business license approvals in 2019, is seeking to relocate and modify its Cannabis Consumption Area (CCA) licenses. The current proposal involves moving the Cannabis Consumption Area (Smoking, Vaping, and Edibles) business license, designated as CCA-000008, from its current location at 8289 Santa Monica Boulevard to 8625 Santa Monica Boulevard. Additionally, there is a request to modify the Cannabis Consumption Area (Edibles) license, CCE-000001, within the same building at 8625 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The proposed amendment comes after The Artist Tree faced lease agreement conflicts at its original location for the CCA-000008 license at 8289 Santa Monica Boulevard. The license, approved in February 2022, has not yet been operational due to these complications. The business aims to consolidate its operations by moving this license to its existing location at 8625 Santa Monica Boulevard, which already houses multiple cannabis business operations, including retail, medical dispensary, and delivery services.

The relocation and modification plan, as detailed in the proposal, would bring significant changes to the current setup at 8625 Santa Monica Boulevard. The Artist Tree intends to convert the third floor of the building, currently designated for edible consumption, into an all-smoking area. The second floor would maintain its smoking area, with adjacent spaces being repurposed into a reception area and an unchanged edibles/ingestion area on the ground floor. This restructuring would effectively replace the existing Cannabis Consumption Area (Edibles) operations with a more comprehensive Consumption Area encompassing Smoking, Vaping, and Edibles.

City staff have closely reviewed The Artist Tree’s request and the implications of such a change. While they support the relocation of the less restrictive CCA-000008 license to 8625 Santa Monica Boulevard, they have reservations about retaining a separate edibles license at the same location. The request to transfer the edibles consumption operations to a 400 sq. ft space within the same building is seen as potentially unnecessary and not in alignment with the city’s cannabis ordinance. The concern is that maintaining two similar license types in one location, with minimal operations for the second license, does not align with the intended spirit of the ordinance.

Based on this analysis, city staff have recommended the approval of relocating the Cannabis Consumption Area (Smoking, Vaping, and Edibles) business license to the current business location. However, they advise against the modification of the Cannabis Consumption Area (Edibles) license, suggesting that it should be forfeited instead. This approach would allow The Artist Tree to streamline its operations under one comprehensive license, addressing both the operational challenges and the city’s regulatory concerns.

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4 months ago

Is anyone tired of all this cannabis garbage? When there were one or two locations these places seemed busy. Now that there’s a dispensary or lounge on every corner some of these places look like thwy get less foot traffic than a video store in 2015.

John Ryan
John Ryan
4 months ago

Why bother with a hearing? Apparently, business licenses in West Hollywood are not required to conduct business. Go figure. Get Code Compliance on this right away!

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