Leo Frontini’s ‘Portae’ blends painting and poetry

Under Dry Grass by Leo Frontini

albertz benda gallery in West Hollywood is currently showing an innovative exhibit by 23-year-old painter and poet Leo Frontini, who combines his knowledge of Renaissance and Baroque movements with symbolism and iconography to create meaningful and resonant art.

“Leo Frontini: Portae” is on display through February 17th. The exhibit consists of a series of paintings and writings that explore significant moments of change and growth. The term “portae,” Latin for “gates,” is used by Frontini to guide viewers through key life stages, including birth, maturity, self-discovery, reproduction, death, and ascension. In his paintings, Frontini depicts figures in moments of tension, symbolizing gates that mark personal transitions as they engage with their circumstances.

Frontini’s poetry complements his visual art, narrating the emotions and thoughts of the characters in his paintings. This combination of text and image creates an immersive experience, inviting viewers to engage more deeply with each work.  This exhibition represents his most comprehensive collection, blending poetry and artistry. One of Frontini’s works, “BELOW,” exemplifies his approach. The piece delves into themes of curiosity, stagnation, and the passage of time, reflecting on the present’s beauty and the journey towards growth and understanding.

Born in 2001 in Cleveland, Frontini turned to painting as both an escape and a way to connect more deeply with the world, relationships, and himself. He overcame depression and the aftermath of sports-related head injuries during his formative years. Encouraged by his father, painter Thomas Frontini, Leo began to focus seriously on art towards the end of high school. His work often explores the figure in relation to distorted architecture and color, drawing influence from various art historical periods, personal experiences, and his subconscious

albertz benda is a contemporary art gallery known for its focus on materiality and texture, as well as cultural and social dialogues. The gallery, located in Chelsea, frequently features solo exhibitions of emerging artists, research into historic figures, and thematic group shows. In 2021, albertz benda expanded to Los Angeles, offering a program distinct from its New York counterpart. The gallery, set in a domestic space, fosters connections between visual arts, craft, and design.

The Ascent by Leo Frontini
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1 month ago

Beautiful and impressive. That is real talent. Nice that we have this in our town.

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