Nick Melvoin picks up steam in race for Congress


LAUSD Boardmember Nick Melvoin brought in a whopping $337,941.11 in contributions to his campaign during the last reporting period, positioning him as a dark horse in the race for Congress right on the cusp of Election Day.

Melvoin’s haul in the fourth quarter was ahead of the second-highest fundraiser, Ben Savage, by more than $130,000.

Savage reported $200,472.25 in contributions, $200,000 of which came from a loan he made to his campaign. It’s the 15th personal loan he’s taken out to fund his race, a total of $1,077,000 since last February.

Former LA City City Attorney Mike Feuer ($156,139.75) and Assemblymember Laura Friedman ($149,236.62) came in at third and fourth place, followed by State Sen. Anthony Portantino ($130,248.00)

West Hollywood Councilmember Sepi Shyne received $48,969 in donations this period, a slim haul but still an improvement over the $18,803.00 she reported in the third quarter. With just $109,334.75 in the bank, Shyne faces long odds at the ballot box. 


Portantino was outraised by his opponents in the fourth quarter, but with $1,127,053.56 in cash on hand, he remains the race’s frontrunner. His biggest competition comes from Feuer, who has $950,969.18 in cash on hand, and the two are likely to end up in the runoff election. Savage has $856,453.95 in cash on hand, followed by Melvoin ($755,815.68) and Friedman ($465,732.84). 

The race’s biggest spender during the last reporting period was Savage, who reported $325,630.86 in expenditures, the lion’s share of which went to Virgina-based political consulting firm i77 Strategies for things like mailers (+$142,972.62), text messaging (+$51,314.42) and canvassers ($21,120).

Melvoin ($229,120.38) was the second-biggest spender, followed by Friedman ($182,890.59) and Feuer ($147,410.87).

Election Day is March 4. 


  Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Melvoin $337,941.11
Savage $201,336.86
Feuer $156,139.75
Friedman $149,236.62
Portantino $130,248.00
Ratevosian $57,875.30
Shyne $48,969.00
Pudlo $24,739.43
Balekian $21,717.49

  Since start
Portantino $1,413,543.91
Savage $1,370,411.67
Melvoin $1,281,394.14
Feuer $1,266,049.65
Friedman $931,305.91
Shyne $382,804.48
Ratevosian $260,614.16
Balekian $94,427.02
Pudlo $25,081.53


  Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Savage $325,630.86
Melvoin $229,120.38
Friedman $182,890.59
Feuer $147,410.87
Portantino $144,920.00
Ratevosian $114,262.45
Shyne $94,816.19
Balekian $39,659.22
Pudlo $31,683.34


  Oct. 1-Dec. 31
Portantino $1,127,053.56
Feuer $950,969.18
Savage $856,453.95
Melvoin $755,815.68
Friedman $465,732.84
Shyne $109,334.75
Ratevosian $70,656.39
Pudlo $17,114.08
Balekian $9,540.58
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4 months ago

Dr. Alex Balekian is also running, 👀

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
4 months ago

Not that I have anything negative to say about Nick Melvoin, but being Board member of LAUSD does not particularly resonate, particularly in large areas of the District which are outside the District. Portantino is a very beloved and respected figure on the eastside of District, as is Laura Friedman, while Mike Feuer is known on the westside. Feuer still has some residual baggage from the Department of Water and Power billing scandal, even if he was personally exonerated from any wrong-doing. Most voters are not focused on this race and the field is balkanized. Cash on hand will be… Read more »

Cy Husain
4 months ago

You completely forgot Maebe A. Girl (she/they) Government Official
U.S. House Candidate CA-30 Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman Trans/Non-Binary, Progressive 🌈 🌴 LA #BlackLivesMatter #CeasefireNow #MedicareForAll
⚙ Maebe’s Twitter/X ⚙ Maebe’s Instagram ⚙ Maebe’s Facebook

Last edited 4 months ago by Cy Husain
John Smith
John Smith
4 months ago
Reply to  Cy Husain

LOL. Too funny.

Cy Husain
4 months ago
Reply to  John Smith

You do know I’m serious❓ I’m boosting her on social media every chance I get❗


4 months ago

Who is advising Savage? Very disturbing reading about all the loans he’s taken out. Hope that SAG money keeps rolling in!

Cy Husain
4 months ago
Reply to  greeneyedguy

Someone is completely setting him up for failure ❗ First off at his age he needs to finish Law School if this is going to be his career path. He has ONLY been a booster or cheerleader for business interests and western imperialist war crimes while completely ignoring progressive political issues that could get him elected. In stark contrast Democrats who get elected, cheer on progressive political positions in campaigns then, when in office surreptitiously push the interests of the military industrial complex while ignoring the issues that got them elected. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Last edited 4 months ago by Cy Husain
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