WEHO CRIME REPORT 🚔 January 2024


The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has released its statistics for January 2024, detailing the department’s activities and responses to various incidents throughout the month.

The department handled a total of 1,594 calls for service. Of these, there were 108 arrests, with 43 classified as felony arrests. The station emphasized its rapid response capabilities, reporting an average response time of 3.5 minutes to 75 emergency incidents.

In efforts to address homelessness, the department offered services to 87 individuals, with three accepting the support. Traffic-related enforcement included 67 reports and three DUIs, with no scooter citations issued during the month.

Property crimes were a significant part of the month’s activities, with 189 total thefts, burglaries, and robberies reported. This included 10 robberies, 21 auto thefts, and 89 other theft incidents. Additionally, the department responded to 33 hit-and-run incidents.

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2 months ago

We need to reconsider defunding the police again if they can’t even be relied on to give out a single ticket to the losers riding scooters on our sidewalks. Shameful!

2 months ago

Services offered to the homeless..offered to 87 and only 3 accepted the help. That’s a major part of the problem. Can’t help those that won’t help themselves. And 33 hit-and-runs in one month?! What is wrong with people?! Sad commentary on the state of our society. Sad and disturbing.

Brian Kemper
Brian Kemper
1 month ago
Reply to  JF1

Except for the fact that out of the 87 that were offered help a large portion of them declined because WE already have other organizations and housing teams helping us. They conveniently don’t mention that in their statistics in order to continue the negative attitudes towards the homeless.

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